Monday, July 25, 2011

Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders....

Afternoon all

The last few weeks seem to have presented me with compliment after compliment. Can I just say, thank you to everyone who has spoken kind words about me an our broadcasting team, it really does make a huge difference when we know our work is appreciated. Its now got to the stage where a handful of people, including writer Andy Weibe have said to me 'you are the best announcer the team has ever had', someone even said a few weeks ago 'we have the best announcer in MLS', I find that very hard to believe and know its not the case, but either way, thank you for your kinds words. I can certainly feel myself getting better and better and I thoroughly believe i'm a much better and stronger broadcaster now, then i've ever been before. I'd also like to say thanks to the KC Cauldron. Literally every time I walk past you guys after finishing my pre game show duties you always cheer me on, 'go get em cal' and 'we love you callum' are just some of the phrases shouted out that come to mind. Once again, thanks guys, it really does make a difference. Sorry I can't stop for a chat, but i've literally got 7 minutes to get up to the booth. If you want a chat, i'm usually in the members club after the game, so come and say hi. As I said though, i'd urge you guys to remember its a team effort and there wouldn't be a show without any of the guys in the back room. Once again, thank you guys so much for the support, we WILL continue to bring you one of the best broadcasts in MLS and strive to make it as best as possible. We hope you enjoy.

So another crazy week passes by. After working on some voice overs and research on Monday, I was given the opportunity to watch Newcastle Utd train at Swope Park on Tuesday. It was quite strange to be around so many english people again, but even stranger to be around an EPL side once again. Having watched the EPL and being involved in it for so many years, i'd always viewed these sort of games from a pre season perspective, but to now be on the other side and view them from an MLS perspective and see them as an 'important' game was very interesting. The press conference was very good and Alan Pardew spoke of how Sir Alex Ferguson had recommended he come to Kansas City for pre season. He also said, he could certainly see himself coming out to Major League Soccer one day and was very excited to be playing Sporting KC at Livestrong Sporting Park. Having said that, it wasn't that best game of soccer i'd ever seen but it once again proved that MLS teams can hold their own against an EPL side. I understand Newcastle weren't fully fit and the heat was an issue but I left Livestrong Sporting Park feeling very proud to be apart of the organization that remains unbeaten against EPL teams.

Thursday saw me back on the airwaves on 610 Sports Radio (rather surprisingly) after i'd been told I had no show for 6 weeks. Andy Edwards joined me for the show, which I enjoyed. Not sure I had enough callers to warrant getting Peter Vermes on the show, but never the less I thought it was good. Maybe if you guys ring in, in good numbers over the next few shows, we could get Pete in on a later date.

So on to Toronto FC and Saturday, Sporting had a chance to make it 12 games unbeaten in MLS and my goodness did they deliver! A fantastic performance saw them run out 4-2 winners over Toronto FC. I have to say, it was certainly one of the easier games to call because there was so much happening. I was excited to see Frings and Koevermans, the 2 new DP's for Toronto, but I have to say, our DP's Bravo and Jeferson stole the show! I'm very much looking forward to watching Jeferson blend into this side, he already looks like a very handy acquisition. The ball he played through for Bravo for goal number 3 was so delicate. I honestly believe none of our other midfielders could have pulled of that kind of pass the way he did.

We host New England Revolution on Saturday at Livestrong Sporting Park, we'll be live on KSMO - TV once again from 7pm. See you there!




  1. Cal, it has been a real treat watching you this season. You've shown professionalism and class beyond your years. Your enthusiasm and passion for the game is infectious. You clearly do your research and every time I watch, you have improved. You make the SKC experience better.

    I hope your relationship with Sporting KC is long and prosperous.

    Wally (@wallywaltner on Twitter)

  2. Cal,
    It's been really incredible how much you've improved from game one to now. Your work rate and love for soccer only makes you a better broadcaster. I completely agree that you've made the Sporting KC fan experience much more enjoyable.

    Keep up the great work. Best of luck for the future.