Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All your dreams are made with strawberry lemonade

Hello everyone

Hope this blog finds you in good health.

So the last time we spoke, we were on the eve of the most important stage of Sporting KC's season so far. A 1-1 tie with Philadelphia Union, a huge win over Columbus Crew, both at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park were enough to convince most that we are play off bound this season. However a rather muggy 1-1 tie away at San Jose Earthquakes would once again make people realize, this is anything but over.

So let me take you back to the beginning of last week. We were all very nervous about the upcoming game against Columbus Crew, who themselves had (and still have) play off ambitions. I was very excited to call the game and found myself bouncing around the office wishing Wednesday night was hurry up and be upon us. So to take our minds of things, after a couple of beers at Brennan (@BrennanCass) and Corey's (@cGodel86) place, we all went to the Sprint center for a the pre season NHL game that was in town. I was quite excited about watching my first ever hockey game. If I was going to get into any other sport in the USA I had a feeling this would be it; mainly due to the pace of the play. As far as i'm aware it was a decent game which was won on penalties (I think thats what they're called). Dan (@the_doubledown) got well into it. He's a big Phily Flyers fan and loves his hockey. Spencer (@spencebott), Abner (@abnerha) and I spent most of the evening trying to figure out what was going on, but either way it was an experience that I enjoyed. I've not done hockey and baseball here in the USA and i'd like to get to an NFL game before I go back to England in November. Whilst we're on that subject, i'm very very excited to see my family and friends in November. Really looking forward to spending christmas and new year in England.

So, anyway, the next day came as did kick off and finally lady luck shone on Sporting KC! A looping header from Columbus defender Julius James was directed into his own net and in the end it proved to be the winning goal. A HUGE win for Sporting KC at the top of the Eastern Conference. After speaking with a few fans after the game and stopping for a photo or 2, its clear everybody is Kansas City is desperate for a championship winning team and Sporting are the closest to that at the moment.

The week passed by and we had a lot of work to do in preparation for our trip to California. I had the relatively small matter of my 22nd birthday on the Thursday and to be honest, I just wanted to watch Phily - DC United with a few beers; but the others had plans................................. The reason for the line of nothing in the sentence above it because thats what my memory of the night consists of; nothing. Its safe to say the flight to San Jose was both painful and brutal, but either way we got there in the end. Thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday, really appreciate it.

San Jose was a nice little californian town, pretty much what I expected to be honest. The stadium itself, Buck Shaw stadium, was interesting. It kind of reminded me of an old school League 2 ground in England, but either way, it got the job done. Even if it meant Dan and Spence had to run cable through the scaffolding with Brian.

So we left San Jose with a point and still without any real answers. I still think we'll qualify for the play offs but I think we need 6 points from the last 2 games against New York Red Bulls and away at DC United. Very exciting end to the season in Major League Soccer and i'm very excited to call the action for the people of Kansas City.

See you all soon!