Monday, September 19, 2011

Come on feel the noise

Afternoon all

Once again, sorry for the delay in doing this, its been a busy few weeks.

So, lots has happened since we last spoke. Jake (@jakeyadrich) and I did our first radio call together when we hosted LA Galaxy. I completely forgot how much different a radio call is to a TV commentary. It had obviously been a while since i'd done a radio call and after 10 minutes or so I remembered I wasn't doing TV. I learnt a lot whilst I was back in England, working in radio. Paul Walker, George Andrews and Stu Haycock are just some of the names I need to thank for that and it all came back during the call. I think people assume that its the same, but actually with radio you have to be a lot more descriptive (for obvious reasons). Its almost as if you're painting a picture and unlike TV, you need to let to audience know where the ball is. For example, if Espinoza is on the ball in the center circle and plays it out to Sinovic, I can literally just say 'Espinoza....... Sinovic' or 'Espinoza for Sporting' but with radio it'd bensomething like 'Espinoza in the center circle, over to Seth Sinovic on the left hand side, just short of the half way line'. It was Jake's first time on radio and I know he enjoyed it as well, plus, it helped that it was an entertaining game with lots of action and a last minute penalty in the 2-2 tie.

After that we obviously had a wonderful result over Houston Dynamo which I thoroughly believe sent a message out to the rest of Major League Soccer. I have to say, it was one of my favorite shows we did, everything ran smoothly and of course we got a great result.

Last week was different and after playing rock, paper, scissors with Seth Sinovic it seemed as though it was my turn for the brilliantly put together stadium feature 'Across the Endline'. So there I was, set in the hot seat with Brad Mertell (@bmertell22) and Adam Zdroik (@rotozdroik) behind the camera, my room mate of course. I've seen many of the features these boys had done with the players and how they consistently made fun of them; so I expected the worst. However, they went easy on me and i'm told the finished product will be on the video board at half time on Friday night vs Philly. Those boys up in the production room really do a fantastic job and even Abner who you'll see wandering around LSP with a camera is absolutely brilliant. There's a real positive vibe about this place at the moment, the stadium is getting great crowds, we have the highest TV ratings in the history of the franchise and with Sporting KC flying high in the east and the Royals and Cheifs not doing very well i'm told. Its possible that Sporting KC could potentially be the most successful sports team in Kansas City. I think next year is a huge year for the club. We've gained a lot of new fans due to the stadium who came on board from June 9th. Next season we'll have them for the full season and that'll be the true test.

On we go to the most recent few days, the ones that are fresh in the memory.

I was very jealous of CJ Sapong after he got a kiss from Hope Solo! Watching the USWNT train was an honor and they were very very good after training, signing autographs and doing interviews. Even though some of the journalists there held on to them for to long in my opinion, they were very good to do the interviews either way.

Salt Lake City was an interesting place. The stadium itself was fantastic. The Rio Tinto stadium is another clear piece of evidence that MLS is on the up. The facilities were great, fans gave it a good atmosphere and it was a good game; despite the loss. Nick Rimando had a superb game to keep Sporting KC at bay, but I think there are plenty of positives to take from the game and now the game against Philadelphia Union on friday night is astonishingly big. Not sure what my duties for the evening will be as of yet. We're working on a few things, so i'll update you on twitter. I'm absolutely desperate to call the game!

Speak soon