Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's all my fault

Afternoon all

I didn't intend on writing another one of these until after the Houston game or at least until the end of the week. However I feel the need to write about a few things on a professional level.

I ask you to take a look at this article written by Paul Gardner -


So, first things first, it made me laugh but also slightly aggravated me because of the amount I was misquoted. Lets break this down shall we -

Yes, covering Major League Soccer is something i've always wanted to do, I don't know why, I really don't, but Paul Gardner, you have to accept the fact that I have a passion for this league and I want to help it grown. So yes, always? yes, that is right; mate. I wanted to inject some british passion into this league because lets face it, soccer is not the number 1 sport in this country, I want to help change that by using my knowledge of broadcasting and of the beautiful game.

I have no idea why Paul has put me in the same paragraph when describing Jonny Evans' horror tackle on Stuart Holden. Yep, it was a horrid tackle by Evans who I think said the wrong thing when he said it was 'passionate'; it was just a clumsy.

I believe Mr Gardner has misquoted me by saying -  (here we have Williams telling us that he is going to “improve the viewing experience of MLS soccer.” Maybe he is, but that sort of boasting, from a 21-year-old, comes over as something rather more obnoxious than passion) Well, Paul, you are wrong here, i actually said 'I want to be nothing more then a benefit to MLS and help it grow'. Apparently i've also said something else - Williams has also let us know that we’re just not good enough when it comes to TV. Really? I'd love to see this evidence of me actually saying that. Once again, this from Paul -here we have Williams telling us that he is going to “improve the viewing experience of MLS soccer.” Maybe he is, but that sort of boasting, from a 21-year-old, comes over as something rather more obnoxious than passion. I can tell you now I have never said I want to 'improve the viewing experience of MLS soccer' what I did say was ' I want to help make Sporting KC the most viewed club in Major League Soccer' simply because I think with the re-brand, I think we can do it this year. 

To some of the comments - 

Ric Fonseca - Ho-hum! PG, has a point, especially when he focuses on Callum Williams' attempt to instill some of the brit soccer passion on to the supporters/veiwers of Sporting KC: I agree with him, however, what can a mere kid of 21 years of age really know about football-soccer iether on iether side of the big pond? What are his soccer playing pedigrees? And where does he come off by stating that "covering MLS is something he's always wanted to do...(sic)" after all JUST WJHAT has he done in his very short lifepsan, at least since his teenager years??? Interestin

Ric, i've been involved in the broadcasting industry for the last 6 years and i've been calling games for the last 4! I've also worked in TV over in the UK for local TV stations and a worldwide broadcast TV station, so yes, yes indeed Ric, what have I done.

I'm not obnoxious, what so ever, i'm a 21 year old, who is fully aware that this is a fantastic opportunity, but i've worked incredibly hard so far in my life for not a lot of money, got a good gig at the BBC but when this came about, I couldn't turn it down. 

To all who read this, just know, I absolutely love soccer, its my absolute passion in life, I eat, breath and sleep soccer, if you have a problem with this, then so be it, but please, do not misquote me. 




  1. Screw these people, you are awesome addition to the club and MLS.

  2. As a Sporting KC fan and season ticket holder, I've been watching the broadcasts of our beginning road trip. I have been pleased with the work that you and Sasha (absolutely) Victorine have been doing.

    I don't understand what Mr Gardner is trying to push across, except rubbish. Keep up the good work and know you're work is appreciated. Glad you enjoyed your burnt ends in KC this weekend as well.

    Tom H

  3. Gardner's not a journalist, he's a self-hating evangelist. He's kind of a joke among MLS fans.

    Virtually every article he writes touches on the same subject in some way. The way to success in American soccer is through South American flair and taking from Latino culture, and you being English are the enemy. He blames UK influence for why the USA hasn't been better over the past 40 years. His connection to you with Evans tackle makes zero sense to anyone objective.

  4. Well, the one thing I will say is that if I have offended anyone, then I do apologize.



  5. Ignore Gardner, he's a total moron that no one in MLS even takes seriously, if you want to know how serious Don Garber takes him have someone in the FO find you a copy of last November's state of the league. You can tell how annoyed Garber is with the question right after Gardner asks one.

  6. Don't rise to it mate, Gardner isn't worth it.

  7. I know when I heard you were going to be our commentator I was excited, and having now heard you call a few games I'm very pleased that you are here.

  8. Obviously that whole article was complete lunacy. I've watched all the broadcasts so far, and from an SKC fan's point of view, I think you're doing a great job. The play by play work you do is especially class. Keep it up!

  9. Keep up the good work cal. Soccer is taking off in the United States and more people are taking an interest in the game. However Soccer has to compete with well established sports such as American Football, Basket ball,and Baseball and sorry forgot the Wrestling, apologies for any other sports missed. All of these sports have dedicated fans and to them soccer might be seen as a European game rather than an American one. For a 21 year old i have seen your passion on the subject of Soccer and your knowledge comes through because of your hard work.

    I feel with your passion you are taking the game to the people of Kansas, you will be a credit to the club and you will be a voice and an asset to all of the fans.
    I know that you will give 100% to the Club, the Fans and most important the Game.
    Keep up the hardwork and i am positive the club and fans will be very proud that you are working for them.
    All the best
    Aidan Aberdeen Scotland