Monday, March 19, 2012

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What a first few weeks this has been in MLS for Sporting KC. 2 wins from 2, both arguably as impressive as each other. The DC United game was a great result. I've said before, I don't think many teams will go to RFK Stadium and get all 3 points this season. Jake and I spoke about it on the 610 radio show, but I was extremely impressed with Roger Espinoza and once again on Saturday he really looked in the mood.

So let me take you back a few weeks (sorry i've not done 1 of these for a while) to when we arrived at RFK stadium. After a brief but yet exciting tour of the White House, I met to boys in the TV truck outside the stadium. We had a lot to discuss with it being our first show of the year, but once again Jake's (@jakeyadrich) pre production of the show was impeccable and made things a lot easier. I think its clear that Sporting dominated the game and many of us would have been disappointed had we not have taken all 3 points, despite saying before the game we'd of been happy with 1 point. As most of you may have heard, I lost it a little when the ball hit the net, but what a moment that was! However, I was a little frustrated with myself after the call. It was a decent call, but I missed the chance to make it a GREAT call, by not inserting the appropriate information. By the time i'd realized that, it was to late, but either way, it was a fantastic moment for Sporting KC. I could certainly get used to last minute winners! Also, with all due respect, we were happy we don't have to go back to RFK again this season. DC United are in desperate need of a new stadium. I hope they get it.

On we went to week 2 of MLS 2012 and the attentions were turned to LIVESTRONG Sporting Park and the 2012 home opener. Once again, lots of pre production was needed with it being our first home broadcast, but for me, I concentrated on the radio pre production as we were told we'd have 2 shows this week. I have to say I enjoyed the reserve game on Tuesday evening at the stadium. So many fans turned out for the reserve game and to see the players signing autographs after, it was a really good event.
However, on Saturday evening, the main event arrived. The first MLS game at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park for 132 days!! Jake and I were set up in our new pre game area (on the half way line, by the tunnel) and despite a few problems, I think it worked quite nicely. The 1 thing that did make me laugh was the fact that it was so loud in the stadium thanks to the fans, there were moments when Jake and I struggled to hear our producer, Rudy. We've got a couple more ideas in terms of pre game this year, so keep your eyes pealed. The atmosphere, the occasion, the score line, just everything was perfect about the game on Saturday night. The fans once again were exceptional.  I really do get a sense of pride when I see the Cauldron on a game day doing what they do, they're the most committed fans in MLS and I do feel very very lucky to be their announcer; we're very lucky to have the Cauldron. Amongst all the madness, its all about them and the fans of Sporting KC. For Jake and I, we thought the broadcast went well, although we still have to discuss several things for next week's home game vs FC Dallas. After the 3-0 win over a very poor New England Revolution side, it was lovely to go and join in the celebrations with the fans at the members club and then head on out to enjoy the remainder of St. Patrick day.

Sunday was lovely. Nice and chilled out, the boys and I got the fire pit going and we decided to go local and cook a HUGE steak. We smoked it and pasted it in BBQ sauce and I have to say, it was absolutely gorgeous!! So much so, we may even do it again this week. Can't wait for Sunday evening, see you all there.

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