Monday, April 18, 2011


Afternoon all

'Plenty to talk about' - as there always is when it comes to Sporting Kansas City. Lets tell you a little about my week.......

So, last week was quite mad. Monday saw Spence and I nip across to the 'Kansas City Star' to participate in a podcast with 'Star' soccer writer, Charles Gooch. We discussed many things and I believe it went down well. Having started on Monday, Tuesday saw me continue to prep for the show in Columbus as well as sit down and talk to some of the owners and executives about the broadcast and things that they maybe would like to see. Wednesday and Thursday saw me spend quite a lot of time at 'Swope Park' training facility, to interview some of the players for our 2 TV shows. In this time I also sat down with a few other people in the front office to discuss the progression of broadcasting within the team. We have one or two announcements which will come up sooner rather then later. Its nothing major, don't get too excited, but it'll certainly increase the output of the team. During the week I also saw my interview with KCTV 5 go to air, which I once again, believe went down well, especially with the guys back in the UK. However, the famous 'theres only so much you can do on Skype' didn't!
If you haven't seen it, here it is -

Also another post that came up on the web, was my last interview with the club (Chesterfield) I spent most of my time covering for the BBC. Once again, if you haven't seen it, here it is -

Friday saw us fly to St.Louis. Here, Dan and I were stuck in the air for an extra half an our before the storms in St.Louis passed over. I'm usually Ok with flying, never been a great flyer, but i'm Ok. I have to say, that was the worst flight ever and I genuinely thought we were going to die. So anyway, we then fly to Columbus and end up going for a few beers with Mike Flaherty. It was so cold and wet in Columbus, we turned one corner and it was like a 'rain tornado', so we decided to grab a cab to travel up a couple of blocks. How lazy is that!

After a morning of relaxing and going through the scripts for the show, Sasha and I made our way to 'The Crew Stadium' the first stadium, specifically built for soccer in the USA. The broadcast went well, however I was slightly annoyed with my delivery. The timing of the whole thing went well but in sacrifice, I think my delivery was poor. I also need to add - what a terrible game that was. An absolutely awful advert for Major League Soccer. My dad text me the day after and said he managed to watch our feed online. I said to him 'of all the games you chose to introduce yourself to MLS too', lets be honest it was awful. Sasha, Dan and I met up with one of Dan's old housemates on the evening and I got sample the night life of Ohio............ interesting. Never the less in true 'Rock n Roll' style, Dan and I crept back into the hotel at 2am and got up for a 6.15am wake up call.

Instead of heading on home, Chris, Dan and I flew to Chicago. Chris and Dan were there to take a look at how Chicago use their field boards amongst other stadium things. We met Justin up there who is there for the week, learning how to use and operate several things within the stadium for when we open ours up in June. We stayed there for the game and watch LA Galaxy defeat the Chicago Fire 2-1. I was glad we got to see the game, I must admit, I really do like Chicago. It was also good to see an old Aston Villa legend, Juan Pablo Angel take to the field for the final 15 minutes, just like the old days. I must say, even without their 3 DP's, Beckham, Donavan and Angel, LA look a very strong side.

We have plenty to work on again this week, I believe we have a very good and different feature for 'Off the Pitch' this weekend, so make sure you check that out.

So, it appears, we still have plenty to talk about. Same again this week I imagine.


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